A Complete Guide to Alibaba’s Cross-Border Payment Solution: Alipay ePass Program

April 24, 2017 6:41 am Published by Leave your thoughts

China’s fast-growing cross-border e-commerce market represents an exciting opportunity for international brands hoping to expand their businesses, and e-commerce companies have been quick to create tools to make overseas shopping more accessible to Chinese consumers. Alibaba’s Alipay ePass payment program is one such tool and was once expected to be the solution to international luxury brands’ battle with counterfeiting issues and the rampant overseas daigou market. Since launching the program more than two years ago, Alipay has formed partnerships with many merchants, including luxury and fashion e-commerce sites Revolve and Gilt, to assist them in serving Chinese consumers. Below, we’ve outlined what luxury brands need to know about the Alipay ePass program and where it’s headed today. What is the Alipay ePass program? In October 2014, when overseas shopping started to gain ground among Chinese consumers, Alibaba launched its Alipay ePass payment system with U.S. brands on their e-commerce platform, allowing Chinese shoppers to... Read more

Citcon Enables China Unicom to Accept Omni-Channel Cross-border Payments in Americas

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Today, we’re announcing the partnership with China Unicom Global to enable omnichannel cross-border payments for its newly launched “CUniq” mobile virtual network operation (MVNO) business in Americas. With this partnership, China Unicom will be able to accept payments from Chinese travelers through Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay, in addition to other major credit cards. China Unicom, the second largest telecommunications company in China, launched “CUniq” MVNO business recently. CUniq is an overseas mobile communication service created for international business travelers and Chinese students studying in the US. “CUniq US” features one-card-multiple-number card service which is available in 47 countries and regions among the main countries and regions of China, America, Asia and Europe. Citcon’s omni-channel cross-border payment solution makes it easy for customers to purchase and pay for the products with their preferred choice of payment when they are traveling abroad, and allows China Unicom to harness the growth of... Read more

Introducing WeChat Pay

March 7, 2017 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

WeChat, China’s smash hit chat app, has long been a bellwether for the future of mobile messaging. It was first to popularize putting brands in chat and integrating third-party services, two trends Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger and others are jumping on, and it looks like payment is the next major focus.Beyond text messaging, voice and video calling, the service includes a social network timeline, branded accounts, shopping, games and more. Payment is another area and over the past year, Tencent has put considerable focus into its China-based service, WeChatPay, which can be used to transfer money between WeChat users (peer-to-peer) and make payments online and with participating offline retailers. Tech In Asia tested it out for a day in China and came away reasonably impressed, although it seems there’s room for improvement.Tencent previously disclosed that 200 million user cards were attached to the payment service as of November 2015, thanks to a genius campaign that taps into... Read more

Citcon Brings China’s Mobile Payment Giants Alipay and WeChat Pay to North America

February 22, 2017 11:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Citcon, an integrated mobile payment and marketing platform to connect global merchants with Chinese travelers, introduces China’s mobile payment giants Alipay and WeChat Pay to merchants in North America. By accepting China’s most popular mobile payments, millions of merchants are empowered to get access to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers and harness the growth of e-commerce and China’s outbound tourism market. Alipay is a super lifestyle app run by Ant Financial Services Group with more than 450 million active users, while WeChat Pay is the payment solution completely integrated inside WeChat, the world’s most popular mobile social communications service with 846 million active users run by Tencent Holdings. Both of the super apps allow users to book a trip, hail a taxi, order food, purchase movie tickets, pay for water and electricity bills, manage investments, perform transactions on e-commerce websites and more to introduce a cashless society. Alipay and... Read more